How to Wear Black Without Looking Weird

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As lovers of black, we like our darkness. But we like our darkness in our eyes—not under them as tired circles. We prefer our black clothes to elicit admiration, not questions like: “Who died?” Well, mostly.


Black is a classic color for good reason. From the tradition LBD to the black leather jacket, black looks good in all occasions. From the 1920s onwards, thanks to designers like Coco Chanel and Jean Patou, the LBD has been a wardrobe staple. From sleek to retro, the LBD dress comes in many different styles. If you enjoy retro outfits but like your colors dark, try a black military inspired dress. This tailored number can be worn around town or at the office.

But maybe you're kind of retro isn’t the 1900s. Maybe you’re a little more old school. And by old, we mean old.


Corsets have been popular ever since the 1500s. Today, lovers of corsets tops tend to wear gothic, Victorian, satin, and steampunk corsets. Alternative fashion has transformed what used to be an undergarment (and still is, for those lingerie lovers out there) to a fashion statement that can be worn as part of your outfit.


When your material of choice is leather, no one will be asking if you’ve attended any funerals recently. Leather jackets are iconic. The leather jacket bomber has been in style since the early 1900s, when military pilots began wearing it for warmth. In the 1950s, Marlon Brando, a Hollywood star who played a motorcycle gang leader, popularized the leather jacket even further. The leather jacket became a symbol of rebellion, armor against the world. Punks, metalheads, and rock stars donned the rebellious leather jacket. Mainstream fashion also recognized the call of the wild in the form of leather jackets, and continued to design leather jackets. To this day, leather jackets symbolize a defiant, signature look.

There’s no need to stop at a leather jacket, of course. Leather pants, shirts, and skirts add a new shine to the classic black.  The best part of a leather jacket, though, is that it can be added to any outfit.

Black has a universal appeal. It looks good in every style of clothing, and it can be constantly re-vamped while still keeping a classic look.


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