Como cuidar de extensões de cabelo? (EN) Parte 2

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When your hair is in transition from being relaxed to being in its natural state, it needs protective styling to help retain new growth. But even after your hair has completed the process of transitioning, protective styles for natural virgin hair should be worn to help prevent breakage and to generally help keep your hair and scalp healthy.

Taking It Easy
Many African-American women have the misunderstanding that their hair is thick and coarse, mainly because of how voluminous it appears. More often than not, however, naturally curly hair is quite fine. It's the overall curl pattern, rather than the thickness of each individual strand of hair, that gives the hair so much volume.

What's important to note is that fine hair requires very gentle care. If you're frustrated, thinking your hair just doesn't grow, it's actually more likely that it's breaking off at the ends and simply not retaining new growth. As long as you have a healthy scalp, eat a healthy diet, and otherwise enjoy good health, there's no reason your hair won't do what it does naturally - grow. Your job is simply to use gentle care to hold onto the growth.

Well-Known Protective Styles
Among the most popular protective styles for natural hair are braids, cornrows, flat twists, buns, and weaves. These hairstyles do all offer protection from the elements and secure the fragile ends of your hair so they aren't exposed to manipulation and wear. They also keep your hair from getting caught up in purse straps, spaghetti straps, zippers, and buttons, and from rubbing against clothing which puts wear and tear on the hair.

Have You Considered?
Wigs are another protective style that many women unfortunately don't immediately think of. Just as with other protective styles, wigs protect your hair and especially the ends from the elements and from being overly manipulated during styling. When human hair wigs undergo a process called 'yaki' which reproduces the look of various natural curl patterns, not only can they protect your hair, but it's very possible that no one will even know you're wearing a wig.

Wigs are also a protective style that can be changed and styled more quickly and easily than some other styles like weaves, braids, and twists. Good quality wigs such as full lace wigs may take a little time at first to learn how to put on and secure with confidence, but once you get the hang of it, you can easily wear one and take it off daily, or else wear it for several days at a time.

With proper care, a good quality lace wigs can last from one year to 18 months. For some women, that's enough time to grow their natural hair to their goal length. But even if your hair requires more time to reach the length you want, a good wig can see you through a significant amount of the growing-out process.


Como cuidar de extensões de cabelo? (EN)

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Hair Extensions aren't the hardest things to upkeep if you know the proper ways to care for them! Even if you own Human Hair extensions, they don't function completely like real hair.

Extensions don't get the benefits of natural oils our scalp produces to keep our hair moisturized, so we have to keep that in mind when caring for our extensions. It is best not to wash them too often because that dries out the hair even more, we suggest periodically using hydration conditioning masks on the hair to lock in that moisture. You can get up to about 20 wears before you actually have to wash your extensions.

To extend the life of your extensions as long as possible, try not to shower, swim, or sleep in your pieces. Keep tangles out of the hair by constantly and carefully brushing through them, even when you are wearing them. When it comes to products such as shampoos and conditioners, stay away from anything with alcohol in it which will strip the hair of any moisture it has. Also, with hairspray, don't get anything too powerful or too heavy because it will leave a product residue and force you to wash them prematurely! We suggest purchasing products specifically made for that type of hair, such as the BeautiMark products on our website! You can get an entire care kit for Human Hair or Synthetic, and they won't harm or ruin your hair!

Once you are done rocking your gorgeous long look, you need to properly store your extensions from Hair Distributors. We suggest using the Extension Storage Bag & Hanger by Hairdo which is the perfect storage to protect the hair!
Before putting them in the bag, make sure they are brushed and tangle-free. Tie them with a hair tie or ribbon and carefully lay them inside. You can also use this bag to carry them wherever you go, it is perfect for traveling! By keeping them stored properly, it protects them from any damage and keeps them untangled for the next time you need to wear them!


Linha Glow Tonic Pixi

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No post de hoje venho falar sobre uma linha que recebi há umas semanas, a linha Glow Tonic da Pixi.
Vou começar por dizer, que quando recebi o press kit em minha casa fiquei super feliz, porque sempre adorei as embalagens e toda a gente falava tão bem dos produtos.